Bad Breath in Kids And What Causes it

Bad Breath in Kids

Bad Breath in Kids

What are the causes of Bad Breath in Kids and How to fix it?

Bad breath in kids is a very common problem. No matter in which age group they are but halitosis can occur in kids. There are many factors behind this problem and before you seek the solution for this problem, it is very important to know about the various reasons behind this problem. Every child is unique and has different requirements. Thus it is better to know about the root cause of the problem before seeking the correct solution to this problem. This is also called kids halitosis and it is very discomforting. You may have some guest in your house or maybe some time you have visited some places with children where your reputation will be the judge on the basis of the health of your children. There you may feel very bad due to it and thus seeking the on-time solution is mandatory.


Causes and solution of bad breath in kids

There are some very common situation in which the problem of bad breath can occur.

Bacteria in mouth

You must know the fact that several bacteria reside in the mouth. Thus it is very important to pay the proper attention towards the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth. But usually, it is seen that children hardly pat proper attention towards it. Due to this, the bacteria get multiply in the mouth and start creating bad breath in kids.


Not cleaning the tongue

It is necessary to teach children about the importance of keeping the oral cavity clean through various ways. You must also teach them basis step to keep everything clean whether it is their teeth or tongue. In the market, you can easily find several kinds of product which might be very promising but nothing can be a substitute for regular cleaning habits. Due to lack of cleaning habits, many problems can occur and bad breath in kids is also one of them.


Not changing the brush

In some other cases, it is quite possible that even after the regular brushing of teeth your child may face the problem of bad breath. Most parents get worried in that situation. Now you must be wondering that what the right method to deal with this problem is. In order to deal with this problem, you should first change the brush. You can also ask the children about any kind of oral problem. Sometimes children give up the habit of regular brushing their teeth because of the brush are not comfortable for their gums. Next time when you buy a new brush for the children make sure that brush is extra soft and can handle everything softly.


Long and serious diseases

There are two situations when you are can the brush of the kids immediately to deal with the problem of bad breath in kids. In the first situation when the child has recovered from any kind of serious diseases then you must change the brush without any delay. In the next situation don’t use the brush regularly more than three months. Change the brush of your kids after every three months for the better oral health.


Guide about how to fix Bad Breath in Kids

You can follow these very simple tips to improve the situation dramatically.

Changing the habits

There are some very general habits of the routine life that you can change in order to get the better breath of the children. It is most important to know how to fix bad breath in kids. Many of us think that only your teeth need the regular brushing but in the case of children, you should also teach them to brush their tongue for a better oral health. There are several bacteria which stuck on the tongue and in order to remove them, you must also brush the tongue on the regular basis. This will keep your tongue clean and you will be able to get the best breath without any problem.


Keeping the children hydrate

Now we are going to talk about the internal factors that affect the breath of the kids. Yes, dehydration is a very common cause of bad breath. Most of the children don’t drink the ample amount of water. Ignoring this can also create several kinds of breathing problem. There is no doubt that when enough saliva is not made in our mouth, the problem of bad breath will arise. You will be shocked to know the fact that sweetened juice and soda can also fasten the process of dehydration. So for the better, you should give them simple water to drink.


Avoiding some food items

The other thing that creates the problem of bad breath in kids is the type of food they are having. There are some special food items like garlic and onions which create a very unpleasant odor. To deal effectively with kids halitosis such food items must be avoided. Give them fruits and vegetables to eat. It is well known that children hardly prefer to eat them.


Be creative

There is no doubt that keeping the children happy is a very tough task. Sometimes they clearly deny eating fruits and vegetables. In order to deal with such situation, you have to be more innovative. You can prepare some natural juices for them at home. You can also prepare some good smoothies for them at home in your own smoothie maker. Give them what they love to have by mixing the other important things which they ignore. In smoothies, you can make the perfect combination of fruits and vegetables. First thing due to a mixture of fruits this looks very tempting to them and does not give any bad odor. Kids will also get the proper amount of nutrients and vitamins for a healthy life. It also keeps their body hydrated.


Pay visit a dentist

There can be a situation when despite your all efforts the problem of bad breath in the mouth of kids may continue. In that situation, you should not make any delay and pay a visit to the good dentist. It is quite possible that your children might be suffering from the problem of gum other infection. It that situation the dentist can look into the matter and seek proper treatment for the child.


Using the natural product

At present, we are indulged in the habit of buying several packaged food items. But somewhere we are putting the health of our kids at the risk of doing this. There are several types of unhealthy ingredients mixed in the readymade packed food which are not safe for the children. This can be anything like artificial sweeteners, preservative and many more. For the safer side, you should give enough time to the kids and make sure that majority of their diet is homemade and natural. Alternatively, you can also use the bioorganic products which are produced naturally.


Breathing properly

Some kids take breathing from the mouth in spite of breathing from the nose. This gradually becomes their habit and later this causes bad breath in kids. Due to breathing from the mouth their saliva gets dry. Dry mouth is one of the biggest reasons behind the bad breath and this is a well-known fact. You should teach them about this with care and love. Tell them about the bad effects of breathing from the mouth.


Using oral care

There are many products available in the market which can be used for the oral care of the children. You must always consult this with the dentist before start using any of the products. But there are several pediatric products available in the market for the oral care of the children. You can put them into the habit of using the mouthwash after every meal. It will be also great for them to get into the habit of brushing twice in a day.


Using the flosser

There are two types of flosser available on the market. One is a thread and other is water flosser. In the starting, you must be with them to supervise everything. This is a bit hard task to do for a child but this is one of good habit they can learn at the early age. There will be great benefits in terms of health for them. They will be getting good gums and white teeth. Above all, they can also reduce the problem of bad breath by doing this. Mostly bad breath is caused when the tiny food particles stuck in the space of teeth. Flosser can remove all these tiny particles efficiently.


Avoid chocolates and sugar candies

Avoiding chocolates and sugar candies is also a kind of solution which you can take into your consideration to deal with the problem of bad odors in the children. We understand that there is no direct connection in this but you should understand that taking these artificial sweeteners create a cavity in the mouth which causes many oral problems. So, for the safer side, it is better to avoid the extra consumptions of these things.


Initiative for better future 

There is no doubt that these tips may sound very simple but you will realize their effectiveness when you will put them into action. These tips are great and by putting them in your real life you will really feel great to notice the difference. Your children will also stay fit and full of confidence.