How to Fix Bad Morning Breath

How to Fix Bad Morning Breath

How to Fix Bad Morning Breath

The bad morning breath is a very common issue that many people are facing today. Most of them ignore it as a normal problem while it should be cured as soon as possible. What many people do is using some sort of mouth product to prevent that bad breath. Though some products work for a while, the problem remains as it is. The mouth fresheners can hide your bad breath only for a few minutes or about an hour. You will again face the same problem after one or two hours. So, how to prevent this issue and what is the best cure for this problem? Continue reading and you will get the best solution for this issue.

Understand what is bad breath

It is referred as Halitosis in the medical terms and it can occur due to many different reasons. You may experience bad breath in morning due to germs in your teeth, poor dental health, and also due to some serious health issues. There are many people who decide to meet their doctor immediately after experiencing bad breath issue. There is no need to get scared because it can also occur due to the food you are eating nowadays. There is no need to get in the panic mode because you can resolve this problem and get fresh breath back again.

Main causes of bad morning breath:

Before you jump to find how to fix Bad Morning Breath, you should pay your attention to those factors that cause bad breath issue. Some of the renowned causes of bad morning breath are explained here:

  • The lack of Saliva:

The Academy of General Dentistry had conducted a research according to which the morning bad breath remains for a limited time. The research had also shown that many people suffer from bad breath issue because of consuming spicy meals. If you are habitual of eating spicy meals, you should go for some other options in case of bad morning breath. If you are taking certain kind of medications due to other health issues and if you are a mouth breather, it can result in bad breath. Poor oral hygiene and all the previously mentioned reasons can cause bad mouth breath and all of these cases occur due to the lack of Salvia.

You might have observed that the bad breath issue occurs during the specific time. It does not trouble you during the noon or evening. The daytime is the time when our mouth produces a good amount of saliva and due to which bad breath does not occur. Our mouth does not produce a significant amount of Saliva during the sleep and due to which bad breath occurs. Therefore, the lack of Saliva can be a major cause.

  • The habit of snoring and breathing with the mouth:

If you are the one, who snores a lot or breathe with the mouth, you can suffer from bad breath in morning issue. Snoring is already a very troubling issue not only for you but also for your spouse. The health experts believe that snoring can enhance the bad breath issue. Your mouth gets dried up while you breathe with the mouth during your sleep. The germs and bacteria flourish in your mouth and consequently, the saliva levels reduce. As a result, you experience bad breath during the morning time.

  • Volatile Sulfur Compounds or VSCs:

It is again related to saliva, which is quite essential for removing food particles that may stick within your teeth and collect germs. The lack of saliva causes dry mouth. Consequently, the more germs are produced in your mouth and they ultimately produce the VSCs or volatile sulfur compounds. It is the VSCs that smell very bad during the morning. Many renowned dentists also agree that VSCs are the major cause of the foul smell and bad breath in the morning. You should clean your teeth before you go to sleep. It means you should always brush your teeth before you go to the sleep. Thus, no food particles will linger in your mouth and that will prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

  • Health issues:

If you think the bad breath issue occurs only when you get older, so you must correct this misconception. Bad morning breath has nothing to do with your age. You can face it anytime, whether you are a teenager, an adult, or an old-age individual. All age’s people face bad odor problem. Your health issues can be majorly responsible for this problem. The bacteria, which cause bad breath in the morning, can thrive due to several health implications. These are not the dental health issues, but general health issues. The researchers have found that periodontal issues like periodontitis and gingivitis are majorly responsible for mouth odor. People, who are suffering from the heart disease, are prone to mouth odor problem.

As you can see that the bad breath issue and other oral health issues can also occur due to some other health problems you are facing now. It is called the mouth-body connection and that you need to make better if you want to prevent the bad morning breath problem. Bad oral health can also cause some serious health issues. The bacteria in your mouth can get injected into the bloodstream and affect the good health of other body parts. So, you must meet a good dentist to diagnose the present oral issues and fix them as soon as possible.

How to fix bad morning breath problem?

Getting rid of bad morning breath would not be as simple as you think. However, it would also not be too difficult to do. There are many simple ways that you can try to prevent this problem and fix it permanently. We are offering a few great solutions that you must try to fix mouth odor or bad morning breath problem.

  • Maintain a good oral health:

Everything your body needs, it goes through your mouth. How healthy or how unhealthy you will be, it depends on how you maintain a good oral health. If you are the one, who does not clean and brush the teeth daily, the bad breath in the morning is obvious. You can try mouth fresheners and other products to prevent it, but nothing will offer a permanent solution. You will have to improve your lifestyle and take better care of oral health. It is pretty simple, just clean your teeth at least two times in a day. Thus, you will keep the germs away and reduce the chances of bad morning breath.

  • Do not breathe with your mouth:

As you can check in the causes, the lack of saliva can be a major reason behind the bad breath in morning. The production of saliva reduces because you breathe with your mouth. The mouth breathers are also the one, who snore badly during the sleep. So, if you do not snore now, there are chances that you may soon start it. That would be even more frustrating health issue because it will also affect the people around you. Learn how to prevent mouth breathing habit and how to breathe will nose while sleeping. It will help you in preventing the dry mouth condition and that’s how there will be no lack of saliva in your mouth. It can quickly control your mouth odor.

  • Do not chew tobacco and do not smoke:

Are you are a chain smoker or tobacco lover, who also chews it? These two bad habits are mainly responsible for your mouth odor if your answer is yes. Chewing tobacco, smoking cigarettes and marijuana can affect the overall health of any individual. These are the worst things you can try to get high. There will be no good solution for you if you do not stop smoking and chewing tobacco now. You should take care of your lungs and oral health by avoiding such bad things. It will ultimately help you in regaining your fresh breath in the morning.

  • Go for a regular dental checkup:

Probably one of the best solutions for bad morning breath issue is visiting the dentist. There are millions of people, who do not visit the dentist for a regular checkup because they think they are fine. It is possible that you are not facing a major oral health issue now, but it may arise in the future. Your dentist can make a complete checkup and guide you for the best oral health. If your teeth will be cleaned, there will be no germs in your mouth and that will prevent bad mouth odor.

In addition to all the given suggestions, you quit eating and drinking sugary products. Try to drink lots of water every day so that you will not face the dehydration issue. Follow all these suggestions and you will be able to prevent and fix bad mouth odor problem permanently. It is not any incurable health issues. A good lifestyle and good habits can help you in smelling fresh while you are talking to other people.